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Gnocchi are little potato dumplings that are eaten like pasta. There are a million different ways to make them and eat them, but this way is my favorite at the moment. The gnocchi require a super small list of ingredients, just potatoes, flour and spices- you probably have the ingredients in your pantry right now. […]
Whatever you’re looking to do this month – perhaps celebrating Valentine’s Day, hosting cozy dinner parties with friends, or enjoying warm nights in – make February your month to master vegan cooking. From vegan sweet potatoes loaded with dairy-free cheese to dandelion salads, we’ve covered all the bases with these 28 recipes. 28 Vegan Recipes […]
UK retailer Marks & Spencer, also known as M&S, is introducing its first-ever vegan Valentine’s dinner, according to Marie Claire. M&S updated its usual £12 dine-in deal in honour of the fast-approaching, loved-up occasion. For £20, shoppers can purchase a starter, main, side, dessert, chocolate, and a bottle of wine. The budget-friendly meal deal can save […]
Chicken Kiev is a hearty, comforting dish – perfect for garlic-lovers – that is enjoyed by many around the world. That is, except chickens. The traditional version of the meal relies largely on chicken meat and eggs, but alongside a rising interest in plant-based food, many people are trying more compassionate versions of the popular, […]
This mushroom and bean chili recipe is the latest version of probably a dozen or more rich and ‘meaty’ plant-based chilis I’ve been cooking up most of my life. What I always strive to achieve in a good, authentic-tasting chili recipe is a balanced blend of spices, a just-right beans-to-chili ratio, and most important, a […]
When your kids request a certain meal for dinner how can you say no? Especially when it’s not pasta! Don’t even get me started. Anything that isn’t pasta that my kids suggest is pretty much a given in our weeknight meal scheme. I love expanding our horizons (well, mostly my kids’ horizons. The parents just […]

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