Eating capsicum and other plant-based foods could help lower your risk of dementia, according to vegan physician and nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger. Dr. Greger advocates for the healing potential of diet and lifestyle. He’s the author of “How Not to Die,” that analyzes the top fifteen causes of premature death in America, and how […]
You may have heard – on TV, the radio, or your favorite celeb’s Instagram – about the importance of fiber for good health. But is there any science to back these claims? What does fiber do, why is it important, and what foods can you get it from? How Much Fiber Should You Really Be […]
Eating meat could be costing you more than the amount you paid for it, with more research outlining the health risks associated with consumption. A recent op-ed, called “We Need to Talk About Meat,” published in peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, discusses the sustainability and healthfulness of animal products. The piece refers to data from another paper, a study […]
Veganism is known for uniting people in a mission of compassion, and a New Zealand church has demonstrated this in the most generous way, raising $7,000 for a vegan business owner with multiple sclerosis (MS). Northland-based Nick Cullen has suffered with primary progressive MS for four-and-a-half years. He was able to delay the progression of the disease with a special […]
Several recently published studies suggest that following a meat-heavy ketogenic diet could shorten life expectancy. Following a ketogenic (or “keto”) diet typically involves reducing carbohydrate intake and consuming more fats. Eating this way for several days causes the body to enter a metabolic state named ketosis, whereby the body typically burns fat for energy. For this […]
Dr. Michael Greger, best known for sharing his nutritional expertise in the bestselling 2015 book “How Not to Die,”  has reiterated that adopting a plant-based diet can be a life-saving decision. Speaking to KUNR’s Anh Gray, the medical professional explained how a nutritional vegan diet can prevent premature death. Greger referred to the Global Burden of Disease […]