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Vegan “Game of Thrones” star Jerome Flynn stars in a new animal rights documentary that “the film the meat industry doesn’t want you to see.” “Hogwood: a Modern Horror Story” looks at the practices of factory farms. Produced by British animal rights group Viva!, it draws heavily from a recent campaign against an industrial pig […]
Vegan documentary “Dominion” — released in 2018 — is so disturbing, some viewers said they were unable to finish watching it. According to The Daily Mail, one social media user wrote, “got six minutes into Dominion and that’s all I could cope with.” Another added, “I believe it should be compulsory viewing for all omnivores.” Some said […]
David Attenborough’s documentary “Climate Change: The Facts” explores the impact of the climate crisis. The film carefully examines the science behind climate change. It features individual stories of people already affected by climate crisis and interviews with leading scientists. The film explores the solutions that must be actioned both personally and globally to prevent any […]
Fifteen years after “Super Size” me, the documentary that exposed how damaging regular fast food consumption is to health, director Morgan Spurlock is taking on chicken farming. In “Super Size Me 2,” Spurlock explores how companies use marketing to promote “ethical” chicken meat via labels like “free range,” “humanely raised,” “no hormones added,” “100 percent […]
Vegan singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer Ne-Yo is set to appear in the upcoming documentary “Hungry for Justice.” “Hungry for Justice” explores the issue of food injustice, including food deserts, the link between diet and disease, and nutritional racism. Black Americans are 60 percent more likely to die from stroke and twice as more likely to […]
American actor and producer Jeff Bridges appears in the now-streaming environmental film “Living in the Future’s Past.” The documentary looks at how human nature and our subconscious behaviors influence the way we interact with the world and in turn, impact our future as a species. Bridges, known for his appearances in “The Big Lebowksi” and […]
Updated September 18 2019. | It’s been over a year since the James Cameron-produced documentary “Game Changers” — a film that explores vegan athletes and the myth that you need to eat meat to be strong — premiered at Sundance. But the hype is still strong. A global theatrical screening event took place on September […]