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Dogs may have better relationships with women than with men, according to a new study. The research, published in the Royal Society of Open Science, evaluated 18 dogs and recorded their growls in response to a variety of different situations. While other studies have shown that humans can understand a dog’s bark, the research was […]
Five hundred sausage dogs – formally known as dachshunds – recently dressed up in festive costumes and took over London’s famous Hyde Park. Though described as “Hyde Park Sausage Walk,” the event was animal-friendly – canines were the only sausages in sight. The occasion, which was free to take part in and is the latest in […]
Vegan and vegetarian dogs are on the rise in New Zealand as more pet parents turn to meat-free food as the sustainability of meat continues to draw concern, local news source Stuff reports. While conventional dog foods make use of parts of animals – often byproducts like tissues and organs – there are options for […]
Animal rights activists in South Korea and across the globe are especially thankful this Thanksgiving eve as Taepyeong, the largest dog meat slaughterhouse in South Korea, was shuttered by local authorities. The move comes after pressure from animal rights organizations Humane Society International/Korea, Korea Animal Rights Advocates and the Korean Animal Welfare Association. The groups and […]
Netflix is giving dog lovers across the world a reason to take a day off work and binge watch its newest series. Named “Dogs,” the Netflix Original Documentary Series features six true stories of the“unconditional love” between humans and “our best friends that lift us through life” – dogs. The new Netflix series was co-produced by Glen Zipper […]

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