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The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) — the city’s largest rescue partner and provider of low-cost vet care — alongside the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) and the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) have joined together to form the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition. The goal is straightforward: to make Philadelphia a no-kill city. A […]
In a video titled “Finding True Love!“ vegan celebrity Steve-O, best known for his risky antics on shows like “Jackass” shows off his lighter side, by feeding stray dogs and making one his life-long companion. The star recently went to Peru to mountain climb for a TV series. And while he intended to find a street dog […]
Ryan Bethencourt of the Vegan Mafia investors, (the name a subtle homage to Silicon Valley’s “PayPal Mafia”) has just announced his latest startup – a ‘clean meat’ pet food company: Wild Earth. Bethencourt and Ron Shigeta have funded and supported many vegan companies during their four years of business. These include Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, New Wave […]
Despite the thorough and consistent evidence that pigs are more intelligent than dogs and have booming social lives too, dogs are (for the most part) regarded as ‘mans best friend’; treated with love and affection – whereas, pigs are bred, farmed and slaughtered for food. But, do we really want to be eating pigs, or […]
Who doesn’t love a good dose of all thing Christmas or four hours of cute animal videos? C’mon, it’s 2 am, you can’t sleep – we’ve all been there… Better yet, why not combine the two? What are you left with? Adorable pictures of animals wearing Santa hats. What’s not to like about that? While […]
PETA has announced that songstress Mariah Carey will receive the Angel for Animals award for her involvement in the upcoming animated film All I Want for Christmas Is You. The film follows the journey of a young girl whose Christmas wish comes true when she meets “her first love” – a stray puppy named Jack. […]
Cats rule the Internet. And for many people, they rule the home, too. But if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, or just trying to cut down on your meat intake in general, it can be a challenge feeding these little carnivores. Like our food system, the pet food system is equally problematic. It’s an industry […]
Dogs and cats everywhere, rejoice. Bond Pets, a Colorado-based startup, has its eyes set on bringing lab-grown, clean protein to pets nationwide. Described as “Pet food made from real animal protein, without the animal,” Bond Pets is an entirely new breed of food hoping to make mealtime extra special for cats and dogs. The developing […]

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