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Mushrooms May Be the Best Weapon Against Climate Change

Mushrooms May Be the Best Weapon Against Climate Change

Finding sustainable alternatives to everyday, resource-intense food and objects is necessary for reducing our impact on the planet. And mushrooms may be one of the most versatile options. Mushrooms, specifically mycelium, the thread-like roots, have...

IKEA’s Packaging Supplier Made Vegan Bacon Out of Mushrooms

IKEA's packaging supplier, technology company Ecovative, has created plant-based bacon out of mushrooms, Forbes reports. Founded in 2006 by college friends Eben Bayer (who grew up on a pig farm) and Gavin McIntyre, Ecovative uses...
IKEA’s Mushroom-Based Packaging Supplier Ecovative Is Planning to Make Lab-Grown Meat

IKEA Supplier Is Developing Lab-Grown Meat

(Updated October 6, 2019) Biomaterials company Ecovative -- the startup that helped Swedish furniture giant IKEA make the switch to sustainable packaging made from mushrooms -- is looking to support emerging lab-grown meat business...