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Updated October 5, 2019. California-based food tech company JUST has cracked the code for the vegan egg. Along with toast, coffee, and the occasional Alka-Seltzer, eggs are the most iconic of breakfast foods. Whether scrambled, fried or coddled, the humble egg is a morning meal staple for people all over the world. What Is the […]
For centuries, eggs have been a staple in the diets of people all around the world. But alongside raised awareness of the environmental, ethical, and health implications of egg production and consumption, the public is increasingly turning away from chicken eggs in favor of plant-based alternatives. As the public increasingly strives to be more conscious […]
Twenty-five-year-old plant-based meat company Gardein is expanding its range with eleven new frozen ready meals. As well as its new Sliced Italian Sausage — which is the first vegan meat product of its kind — the range includes a vegan Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl, a Stea’k & Eggs Breakfast Bowl, and a Lambless Vindaloo Skillet Meal. […]
Eating just three eggs a week could increase the risk of suffering an early death, according to a new study. The study — conducted at Northwestern University and published in the medical journal JAMA — highlights the risk of consuming an additional 300 milligrams or more of cholesterol a day, or three or more eggs […]
The Vegan Ronin – aka Jhenn, a top European chef who specializes in Japanese cuisine – has created a vegan version of yolky fried eggs. Made from different starches, Jhenn’s fried vegan egg sizzles and cooks just like a chicken egg; the yolk even runs when broken. The chef posted videos on her Instagram account of […]