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Seniors Are Going Vegan to Make Retirement More Fun

Baby Boomers Are Going Vegan Now in Record Numbers

A growing number of baby boomers - those born between 1946 and 1964 - are ditching meat, dairy, and eggs in favor of vegan food, The Telegraph reports. Over the past few years, the vegan...
Denmark Town Aarhus to Add Vegan Meals to All Municipality-Run Daycares and Assisted Living Facilities

Scandinavian Town to Require Vegan Meals at All Public Senior Homes and Daycare Facilities

It may soon become mandatory to serve vegan options at all institutions under municipalities in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. This includes elder care centers, kindergarten, and pre-school daycares. Politikan reports that the measure was proposed by three...
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98-Year-Old Vegan Wants to Bring Plant-Based Meals to Assisted Living Facilities

On the day of his 98th birthday, Roy Burdin, a resident of Longton Village in Lancastershire, credits his vegan diet for his long life and good health. Even as he nears 100-years-old, the elderly vegan, who...
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Plant-Based Diet May Prevent Chronic Disease Among the Elderly, Says Study

People may be living longer due to advancements in medicine, but according to research by Market Watch, the latter two-thirds of their lives may be spent batting multiple chronic diseases. However, experts have pointed...