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The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), headquartered in New York, has withdrawn its sponsorship of an elephant polo tournament in Thailand. The King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, held at the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, is marketed as a charity event for elephants. However, animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently […]
The UK government just passed a bill that enforces one of the toughest ivory bans in the world and sets the UK as a global leader in the protection of wild elephants. In 2017, the government conducted a consultation regarding a potential nationwide ivory ban. It sought out public opinion and analyzed the effects of this […]
China made the announcement that it was banning ivory back at the beginning of 2017, but now as the ban goes into effect, the government is stepping up its enforcement of the law and educating the public, which will help save tens of thousands of elephants from being hunted. Despite this victory, the world is still […]
If one of your new year’s resolutions is to travel more and you’ve got your sights set on the wonders of Southeast Asia, there are many attractions and activities you can do to give back to the animals. 7 Vegan Friendly Activities for Backpacking Around Southeast Asia in 2018 Get up close (but not too […]