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Popular U.S. talk show, The Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, recently reposted a video uploaded by vegan Australian animal activist, James Aspey, to its 52.5 million followers on Instagram. The video clip was originally posted to the site by the animal-themed Instagram account Animal on Earth. Aspey shared a screenshot of The Ellen Show’s repost […]
Ellen DeGeneres received the best gift ever for her 60th birthday. The celebration, which aired on her talk show, concluded with a surprise visit from her wife, Portia De Rossi. It was then that Portia announced that she’d bought Ellen her very own gorilla conservation centre. To be clear, this wasn’t something that Portia just […]
There’s no shortage of people sharing their love for veganism, or asking for help to go vegan on what seems like every social media platform there is. However, in 140 characters or less, tweetin’ about the vegan lifestyle and movement is very prevalent. And of course, like most trends and global hot topics, celebs are […]
Ellen DeGeneres says she is “determined to do something” to stop Donald Trump’s plan to lift the ban on imported hunting. In 2014, Barack Obama implemented a policy which banned hunters from bringing animal ‘trophies’ into America, a promising move toward ending the ivory trade. However, new regulations driven by Donald Trump will mean that big game […]