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Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s speeches will be published in an upcoming book. Titled “No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference,” the new book will compile 11 of the Swedish-born activist’s key speeches against global warming. The title is taken from the talk delivered at the COP24 UN climate talks last December, […]
American actor and producer Jeff Bridges appears in the now-streaming environmental film “Living in the Future’s Past.” The documentary looks at how human nature and our subconscious behaviors influence the way we interact with the world and in turn, impact our future as a species. Bridges, known for his appearances in “The Big Lebowksi” and […]
New York has passed a statewide law that bans most types of single-use plastic bags. The bill, introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo last year, will make New York the second state after California to impose a ban on plastic shopping bags. Hawaii has an effective ban in place, the New York Times notes, as all […]
In a bid to become more environmentally friendly, Tesco is removing plastic packaging from produce. The UK’s largest supermarket chain is trialling the removal of most of the plastic from its fruit and vegetable sections in two stores. A total of 45 packaged foods will be removed from stores in Watford and Swindon, Metro reports. Apples, […]
Is a vegan diet best for the planet? England is projected to run short of water within 25 years, the chief executive of the Environment Agency has declared. Sir James Bevan, also a British diplomat and public servant, said the country is facing the “jaws of death.” Climate change has caused water supply to fall […]
The United Nations (UN) has warned that the meat-focused English diet is “unviable.” According to the UN Environment, Brits need to reconsider their eating habits, steering away from traditional beef roasts and other meat-centric dishes. “For a host of environmental and health reasons, we need to view food differently,” it noted. The organization drew on a report […]