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BBC’s New Food Calculator Will Make You Want to Stop Eating Meat

The BBC has launched a new food calculator, helping readers to find out the environmental impact of their diet. The calculator allows the user to choose a food, and then select how often they eat...
beyond burger

One Vegan Beyond Burger Produces 90% Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Beef

A new report has compared the environmental impact of a vegan meat burger versus a beef patty. The life-cycle analysis report was released by Beyond Meat, the company behind the "bleeding" Beyond Burger, that replicates...
Environmental Impact

Vegan Diet Reduces Environmental Impact Up To 84% More Than Meat

A vegan diet has less of an environmental impact than a meat-based one, according to a new study. Published in The Lancet, the new research shows that a healthy plant-based diet produces a 42-84 percent...