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Vegan Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown Breaks Down the ‘Protein Blueprint’

If you ask Ethan Brown, CEO and founder of California-based food company Beyond Meat, vegan meat isn't "fake" - it's actually not so different from the real thing. Speaking to the BBC, Brown broke down...

A&W’s Vegan Beyond Burger Is Already a Hit With Meat Eaters

Major fast-food chain A&W recently announced the vegan Beyond Burger will be on the menu at 925 Canadian locations beginning on July 9. The burger was debuted at a pre-launch event and proved to be a...
Vegan Sausages Launch at Lord of the Fries in Australia

Beyond Meat CEO Says Vegan Sausage Can Save the World

A new video released by TechCrunch features the CEO of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown, discussing the potential of the vegan Beyond Meat sausage.  “There are 7.3 billion people in this world and that number is projected to...