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Haute handbag designer, von Holzhausen, announced its new commitment to becoming one hundred becoming percent vegan. After launching in 2015 and selling both vegan and animal leather products, the company quickly realized the dominant demand for vegan leather. Last week, the founders made the decision to transition into a completely cruelty-free and ethically sustainable fashion […]
Buckingham Palace opened its doors last week to 53 member countries of the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange for a reception hosted by Eco-Age, with celebrity vegan fashion icon and designer Stella McCartney in attendance as the UK representative. The event fell during London Fashion Week and is meant to “celebrate sustainable production and manufacturing, as well […]
Actor Liam Hemsworth can pull off any look, as PETA officially crowned him Australia’s sexiest male vegan last year. And he proved it on social media this week sporting a stylish new vegan coat from Vaute Couture. Vaute Couture, posted a Facebook picture of Liam Hemsworth wearing one of the company’s cruelty-free, faux-fur jackets. Vaute […]
Type ‘vegan fashion’ or ‘vegan clothing’ into an online search, and you will typically come across two things: a handful of longstanding vegan brands such as Matt & Nat, Vaute Couture and Olsenhaus; and big non-vegan brands such as American Apparel, J Crew and H&M that offer some vegan products. Unfortunately, many people are still […]
New York Fashion Week is almost upon us! Where the hottest, latest and trendiest designers ‘strut their stuff.’ This event sparks change in the current fashion industry by debuting innovative new designs, sometimes-questionable products and creative ways to wear clothing. NYFW is where every blogger, fashionista and influencer wants to be. In light of Winter/Spring New […]
Compassion – so hot right now! In some respects, we are beginning to seeing less and less real fur, suede and leather, due to an increasing awareness on the cruelty which is required to produce such products. Even Tesla has released vegan-only seating in their range of eco-friendly vehicles and recent reports show that the […]