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Do vegan campaigns work to spread a compassionate message? So far, there are no definitive studies that analyze the effectiveness of vegan campaigns in creating change. However, Veganuary, a UK-based charity that encourages people to try veganism for the month of January and throughout the year, could provide some insight into what makes a successful […]
(Updated April 6, 2020) | Is eating insects the solution for a more ethical and sustainable future of protein? We are, after all, living in a time when a significant change to global food systems may be necessary in order to maintain a growing population. Industrial animal agriculture has wreaked havoc on the environment, requiring vast […]
Vegans, we have a problem. We’re insulting each other, we’re alienating each other, we’re destroying each other’s businesses and reputations, and we’re playing right into the hands of the animal exploitation industry. To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite television Presidents (Jed Bartlett of The West Wing), we’re eating our young. And if we […]
An animal rights message is hidden within plain sight of the upcoming summer blockbuster sci-fi film, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” In a recent Washington Post article, co-writer and executive producer Colin Trevorrow drew parallels between the fifth installment in the “Jurassic Park” film franchise and the way animals are treated by humans. “We have a relationship with animals on […]
A long-running aquarium in Japan has been forced to close its doors after experiencing a “decrease in visitors”. Prior to this, the venue had been in operation for more than 63 years. Currently, the future of the animals is undetermined. In its prime, the Inubasaka Marine Park saw 300,000 visitors per year. However, this number has dropped […]
The vegan meat industry continues to grow, estimated to reach $5 billion in worth. But it may not just be vegans driving the growth of meat alternatives. A recent report has identified “concerns about animal welfare” as a market driver for plant-based meats. This information follows separate research which revealed that 70% of Americans are […]
Updated October 21, 2019. | Picture the following scenario. You’re shopping for vegan groceries and you pick up a bar of dark chocolate. Before adding it to your cart, you flip it over and scan the ingredients — it seems to be free from animal ingredients, except for one thing. The label says “May contain […]
A Chicago study Ethics on the Go, conducted as part of Culinary Visions Panel‘s Mindful Dining Initiative project, reports some interesting findings about the way people are increasingly viewing food. The study suggested that those younger than 35 pay the closest attention to “responsible practice” behind menus (although it is unclear what ‘responsible’ means, since this term is rather subjective), with consumers […]