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Plant-Based Protein Guide

Here Are the Best Plant-Based Protein Brands Out There

It's fair to say that humankind is more focused than ever on health. We're the most aware we've ever been about the dangers of smoking, the risks tied to sugar, and the benefits of...
Women at a gym

New Vegan Gym ‘Plant Based Fitness’ Opens in Oakland, California

A new vegan gym has opened in Oakland, California named "Plant Based Fitness." The gym, run by vegan personal trainer Gary Whitaker, focuses on mindfulness, body weight training, plant-based nutrition, and wellness. Whitaker opened the...

Prominent US Footballer Suggests Entire Team Has Gone Vegan

Steelers player Vincenzo 'Vince' Williams took to Twitter last night to confirm that the US American football team abide by a plant-based lifestyle. The tweet read "Steelers don't do beef, we're vegan" and has been retweeted nearly 300...