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A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America highlights the impact humanity has upon biodiversity and wildlife on Earth, although humans make up only a minute portion of all life on the planet. As of the study’s publication date (May 21, 2018), the 7.6 billion humans on Earth […]
A new animal rights law in California could ban the sale of eggs, veal, and pork from animals caged in factory farms. Campaigners from the coalition organization, Prevent Cruelty California, are currently gathering signatures to help achieve this goal. If the law is implemented, it will become the most progressive animal rights law in the world, to […]
UK newspaper, The Guardian, is set to launch a new article series focused on animal farming. The new series is funded by the Open Philanthropy Project and will consider how animal welfare has gone down hill in UK farms. The series will examine how livestock is kept and evaluate what happens to the animals that go […]
Mercy For Animals’ Conscious Eating program, which encourages people to eat more plant-based meals, has been gaining significant momentum over the past year. Policy commitments from schools, universities, and social service agencies were secured. This means, in total, more than 600,000 plant-based meals will be served every week, a grand total of 26 million vegan meals per year, give or […]
A ban on filming in factory farms in Idaho has been overturned by Judge M. Margaret McKeown. The judge stated the ban was in violation of free speech and investigative journalism. Back in 2012, the ban was initially instated as a response to shocking footage being released by the animal rights organisation Mercy for Animals. […]
Food production is beginning to evolve beyond reliance on animal products. A new wave of realistic plant-based meat is capturing the interest of mainstream consumers. We are also at the advent of clean meat, real meat grown from animal cells, with more companies working to bring the slaughter-free food to market. Realizing the shift in […]
A new think tank, launched June 2017, is looking to find answers that will allow the world to transition to a factory farming free future. Sentience Institute is hoping to expand ‘humanity’s moral circle.’ For now, this means that they will change the way we consider non-humans sentient beings and the way that we treat […]