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New York City start-up, Bowery, is making waves in the organic food industry with their use of indoor vertical farming. After raising $20 million in Series A funding last summer, the company is currently in the process of building their second vertical farm in Kearny, New Jersey. The start-up intends to revolutionise farming and provide […]
For many decades, the New Zealand dairy industry has been considered a key backbone to keeping the economy alive. However, as consumers are ditching dairy at record rates, some farmers are now choosing to trial hemp crops instead of raising animals. One farming family, the Rangitikei-based Welch’s, have farmed the same land for over 90 […]
Information surrounding the environmental impact of a plant based diet in comparison to a traditional western diet is just about everywhere. In November of last year, 15,000 scientists from all over the world agreed that a vegan planet will help save our dying planet, and a recent calculation estimated that 10,000 people going vegan for […]
Aside from the United States of America, every country in the world has recognised climate change and is currently working to fight against it under The Paris Agreement. In an attempt to pinpoint areas that could be improved, Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a report this week that recognises the impact of the […]
A recent poll conducted by Sentience Institute has revealed some interesting statistics about the US population’s attitude towards animal agriculture and the consumption of animal products. Of the 1,094 adults surveyed, a huge 70% said agreed with the statement ‘I have some discomfort with the way animals are used in the food industry.’ Over a […]
In an interview with the Radio Times, David Attenborough has said that he has stopped eating meat. Despite his career revolving around animals and the natural world, Attenborough has previously stated that he is not an animal lover. ‘Animal lover means sentiment; a cloying, anthropomorphising sentiment,’ said Attenborough. ‘I don’t love earth worms or spiders. […]

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