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Fashion magazine Marie Claire has today announced their partnership with Lifebox to bring you their first limited edition snack and beauty product box. Beginning with the ‘Winter Skin Edition,’ Marie Claire’s box will have a whole host of exciting goodies to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing through the winter season. Priced at £36, […]
Zayn Malik has made it big in the music industry, with and without One Direction. Now, he’s making moves into the fashion industry and already has a major collaboration (and award) to show for it — along with many heartthrob-y magazine covers.   A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on Sep 5, 2017 at […]
Collection & Co, founded in 2016, is adding to our Christmas lists with their 2017 winter collection of faux leather and non-animal glue vegan shoes and bags! Making fashion sustainable is key to this company, and founder Felecia Papa has said: “[w]e aim to pave the way for a truly sustainable future by implementing less […]
New York Fashion Week is almost upon us! Where the hottest, latest and trendiest designers ‘strut their stuff.’ This event sparks change in the current fashion industry by debuting innovative new designs, sometimes-questionable products and creative ways to wear clothing. NYFW is where every blogger, fashionista and influencer wants to be. In light of Winter/Spring New […]
Stella McCartney has announced on Instagram that she plans to eliminate animal products from her line thanks to a new partnership with Silicon Valley biotech company, Bolt Threads, which creates yeast-based vegan silk. The designer will debut a dress made entirely from this vegan silk at the design exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”, being held […]
Compassion – so hot right now! In some respects, we are beginning to seeing less and less real fur, suede and leather, due to an increasing awareness on the cruelty which is required to produce such products. Even Tesla has released vegan-only seating in their range of eco-friendly vehicles and recent reports show that the […]