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There is that fresh, crisp feeling in the air signaling to us all that fall has most definitely arrived. For some, this means chunky sweaters and campfires, for others this cues Halloween prep mode. It has become one of the most social media-worthy festivities as of late, with people of all ages flocking to the Internet […]
Athleticwear giant Adidas and vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney have launched a new addition to their collaborative range. For the first time in this partnership’s history, the classic Stan Smith sneaker is now made from vegan leather. The move is in line with Adidas’s recent announcement that it would be shifting its source materials to renewable […]
Sustainable luxury vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney just launched her latest collection. Included in the new line are attention-grabbing “fur-free fur” animal print sustainable items, such as accessories, jumpsuits, and luxe fur coats. The “statement-making” Tianna coat is featured in the new collection, made entirely with cruelty-free materials such as acrylic, yet bearing a strong […]
Vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has released new “sustainably designed” recyclable sneakers. Described as “dynamic, modern and light,” the new “Loop” sneaker is “a feat of engineering,” according to the brand. Made in Italy using an innovative new method, the upper body of the shoe is fixed to the sole without glue, meaning that the two can be separated “at the […]
Nothing says “I’m Vegan” like, well, a t-shirt. Literally. You could parade down a busy city street with a megaphone preaching the vegan gospel, but chances are, few people will actually hear what you’re saying, and far less people will actually listen. A t-shirt, however, speaks volumes, no megaphone required. It’s non-confrontational, yet it has […]
2018 is the last year leather will appear in the annual Helsinki Fashion Week. The couture event, held each July, has promised to prohibit leather from its runways beginning in 2019. The organization was partially motivated to ban leather following a letter from the animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). […]
Vogue Australia, the Aussie edition of one of the top fashion and lifestyle magazines, says that it’s time for fashion to embrace faux fur. In an article titled “Why It’s Time to Go Faux With Your Fur,” the Vogue Australia writer Alice Birell declares:“There’s no such thing as a faux pas with faux fur, which […]

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