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In a bid to combat the excessive waste that often comes as a byproduct of the festive season, a Zero Waste Christmas Market is coming to London for the first time. In 2017, a study found that  Brits throw away the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper, 54 million platefuls of food, almost […]
Yet another city is bringing plant-based festivity to its residents this year. Peterborough is getting its first ever vegan Christmas fair, due to take place late November. The fair will be hosted by the Peterborough Vegetarian and Vegan Group, which was thrilled to announce the news via social media. “Exciting fr*kkin times for Peterborough!” it wrote. “A number […]
India’s largest vegan event, the One Earth Festival (formerly known as The Ahimsa Festival), is set to return to Mumbai this December for the third year in a row. The One Earth Festival was founded in 2016 by the Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group (APDG), an organization that promotes an Ahimsak lifestyle of nonviolence in all aspects […]
Our perception of vegetables has been understandably tainted. For many of us, our avoidance of the good stuff can be traced back to childhood dinners featuring the standard plating of meat and two vegetables. While our younger selves may have learned the importance of marinades, braises, sauces, tenderizers, and seasonings in cooking meat, vegetables have […]
Portsmouth, a port city and naval base located on the south coast of England, hosted the Portsmouth Vegan Festival last weekend for the third time. The event, which took place at the multi-use Guildhall venue, saw more than 100 stalls offering hot and cold food, sweets, and natural products. Guests had access to educational talks, motivational […]
Manchester’s Christmas markets have always been the UK city’s biggest festive attraction. However, with more and more Brits ditching meat, the idea of traditional hog roasts and grilled bratwurst are less appealing than ever. Responding to the significant growth in vegan and plant-based food and products, the city is introducing its first fully vegan Christmas […]

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