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Member of Parliament and former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband now lives in an alternate universe. And it’s entirely vegan. Well, sort of. Miliband, who served as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition between 2010 and 2015, plays a version of himself (named “Fred Miliband”) in the new short film, “What […]
Earlier this year, the short documentary film “73 Cows” won a British Academy Television Award (BAFTA) for best short film. The film was initially available to view on Vimeo but had to be removed due to BAFTA regulations. It has now been re-released on the streaming platform for four days; in that time, it has […]
Eco-conscious duo James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are together again for the upcoming sci-fi action film “Terminator: Dark Fate.” In a recent interview with fan site The Arnold Fans, the former governor of California explained what it was like working with Miller and Cameron for the sequel. “It was a very interesting film to do […]
A film studio that has been dubbed a “Mini-Disney” is being urged to go vegan. Rebellion Productions is a UK-based film and television production studio owned by multimedia giant Rebellion, the nation’s largest producer of video games, comics, and books, according to the Guardian. Co-founders Jason and Chris Kingsley aim to make the company a […]
Vivien Lyra Blair may have been blind to the world in Netflix’s recent runaway hit “Bird Box,” but the six-year-old actor says she is always looking out for animals. “That’s why I’m a vegetarian!” she told PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in a recent video interview. “At just 6 years old, Vivien […]
A new short documentary exposes what life is like on a factory farm. Called “M6NTHS,” the 12-minute film follows the life of a piglet born into the meat industry. The film is free to watch, but may be hard to watch for some people, especially children. The film does not hide what pigs on factory […]
The Sundance Film Festival, which ran from January 30-February 2nd, was home this year to its first VIP vegan lounge called the V SUITE. The lounge, dubbed a “vegan/plant-based oasis in the snow,” was an invite-only space curated by Adriana Ryan, CEO of UGLY by nature toothpaste and TMG Films with sponsorship from a number of vegan […]

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