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Johannesburg vegan restaurant Kaylee’s Eatery has figured out how to make salmon that looks, tastes, and even smells like lox using only papaya fruit. Many chefs use carrots to create vegan lox, however, the Kaylee’s Eatery team – Kaylee Gottschalk, Dan Fredman, and chef Josh Simon –  deemed the water content of the vegetable to be […]
Can you revolutionize the $120 billion seafood industry with plants? Good Catch Foods, a chef-driven, NYC-based food startup, believes that it can. “Our goal was to create a product that has the same texture, flavor, and nutritional value as real tuna – without harming our oceans and sea life,” says vegan chef Chad Sarno, co-founder […]
Popular vegetarian meat brand Linda McCartney Foods has launched vegan-friendly fish goujons. The meat-free brand – founded by the late Linda McCartney in the 1990s – made the announcement on its Instagram account. “Fish are friends, NOT food! Until now,” wrote the company. “Our NEW Vegetarian Fish Goujons are so deliciously close to the real deal, you might […]
Fish off the coast of Australia are facing rapidly declining populations, says a new study published in the journal Aquatic Conservation. Fish species including bream and snapper have declined by as much as one-third during the ten-year study period. Researchers looked at close to 200 different species of fish in more than 500 locations around Australia. According […]