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The northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has become the first to ban catch-and-release fishing, otherwise known as angling, Hindustan Times reports. Going forward, the act of catch-and-release fishing, which involves snagging fish by the mouth using hooks and then releasing them back, is outlawed in rivers and streams in both protected forest areas and tiger reserves. “Angling is a […]
An increased trade tariff by China could result in the end of America’s shark fin industry. In the ever-increasing severe trade wars between China and the U.S., the Asian country recently introduced a 25 percent increased tariff on all shark fin and other seafood items, agricultural exports, and cars coming from the U.S. While shark fins […]
13 million people tuned into the BBC’s groundbreaking new documentary series Blue Planet 2. Narrated by David Attenborough and taking 4 years to film and produce, the series gave a unique insight into underwater ecosystems. Viewers learned about fish that use tools, fish that jump out of the ocean to eat flying birds and vibrantly […]
A ban on commercial fishing in Arctic waters has been announced due to environmental concerns, the CBC reports. The moratorium on commercial fishing will last at least 16 years and will cover an expanse of roughly 2.8 million square kilometers. Multiple places have agreed to be involved, including the United States, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Norway, […]
An impressive marine reserve has just been created by the Mexican government. The reserve surrounds a group of islands inhabited by hundreds of species of marine life and the government has imposed a complete ban on fishing, meaning it will be illegal for whales, sea turtles, and rays to be caught. Off the south-east coast […]
A recent market report has indicated the sales of fresh fish and seafood in Western Europe are falling. Western Europe is now the worst performing region in the world for the sale of fish, having decreased on average 1% every year between 2011 and 2016. Euromonitor analyst, Anastasia Alieva, believes that there is a problem […]
“It’s caught by line, not net, so it’s far more ethical”; “if it’s farmed it’s okay because there isn’t any wasted by-catch.” Most of us a are brought up believing that eating fish is essential for a healthy brain and that eating fish is somehow kinder than eating land-animals. It’s understandable then that we like […]