EATKINDLY Delicious Food for a Better Future

Leading a kinder life begins with the food on your plate. Here’s how to eat, cook, and consume with consciousness.

Thanks to LEGO, food technology companies from around the world may bring mass-produced cell-based meat products to market in the near future. Lab-grown meat products are in their early stages at the moment, but huge strides are being taken by scientists every day. The Institute of Chemical Technology in India even believes that clean meat […]
Is 3D-printed vegan food the future? Open Meals, a Japanese food tech company that makes its sushi using vegan ingredients, aims to be part of a food revolution. The company demonstrated its “Pixel Food Printer” at SXSW last March, showcasing pixelated sushi that looks like something out of an 8-bit video game. To make the […]
San Francisco-based food tech company JUST, the maker of egg-free mayo, has sold more than 2 million vegan eggs in the three months since its launch last September. CEO and founder Josh Tetrick took to social media to announce the landmark. “Big milestone: Over 2 million eggs (without chickens) sold. Thanks to all ? #justegg,” he wrote. The sales data […]
The way that consumers choose their food is evolving – now, more than ever, shoppers are choosing plant-based in the grocery store – and venture capital (VC) funds are taking notice. Last year, total plant-based food sales surpassed $3.7 billion, according to data from the Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization that promotes vegan meat, […]
Updated March 2020. A Dutch-based food tech startup called Meatable promises to deliver the most affordable and least invasive lab-grown meat yet. The company has developed technology to completely eliminate the need for removing tissue from animals. Thus paving the way for clean, cruelty-free, slaughter-free, and lab-grown meat. “Clean,” “cell-based,” or “lab-grown” meat is an […]
The Edlong Corporation, a 104-year-old company that specializes in creating flavors for various dairy products, is developing new flavors that can be used for vegan dairy alternatives. Speaking to Food Ingredients First, Beth Warren, Edlong chief commercial officer, said that the company’s recent initiative, “The Taste of Dairy Reinvented,” was created for companies across the globe […]
Next month, leaders from around the world will congregate in San Francisco for the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit. The three-day conference includes a number of affiliate events to encourage participants to “take ambition to the next level,” and a vegan breakout session has been added to this prestigious register. Presented by WeWork and, […]