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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has not always been popular among vegans, telling The Independent in 2017 that “they hate” him. However, the chef has been working hard to reverse this, and is now opening a vegan-friendly pop-up which will highlight the UK’s serious food waste issue. Named The Fresh Thinking Cafe, Oliver’s latest venture will feature dishes inspired […]
Over 2.5 billion pounds of unsold red meat and poultry continue to fill U.S. warehouses as the stockpile reaches record highs. According to new federal data from the United States Department of Agriculture, warehouses storing surplus pork, beef, turkey, and chicken are nearing maximum capacity. The surplus of meat is attributed partly to trade disputes, following the […]
One of the great American myths we are taught from childhood is that competition breeds efficiency. In high school I recall learning about Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and the free market, which, if left unfettered, magically achieves a perfect equilibrium between supply and demand, consumer and producer. The reality is that capitalism has engulfed us […]
UK food giant, Tesco, is set to launch a line of cold-pressed juices to combat food waste, FoodBev Media reported. The veggie range, titled Waste NOT, will be made solely from fruit and vegetables that do not fit produce specifications and would otherwise be discarded. According to Tesco, the new product line could save up to […]
In an effort to reduce food waste and promote vegan food, one club at the University of Ottawa regularly prepares plant-based meals for students made with food that would have otherwise been thrown away. According to the website, The People’s Republic of Delicious (PRD) is a collective run by student volunteers that aims to “offer […]
Food scientists from Singapore are revolutionising the way we think about and combat food waste. Currently, one third of the food produced worldwide is wasted. That’s roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of unused food. These losses equate to $310 and $680 billion for developing and industrialised countries respectively. Okara is the by-product of soymilk and tofu; […]

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