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Schools across France are set to offer a meat-free menu at least once a week for a two-year trial period. During the trial, the French Government and catering companies will monitor the new veggie menu’s impact on food waste, the cost of meals, and the number of pupils who take up the scheme; results will be […]
French cuisine is known for its liberal use of animal products. From mother sauces rich with butter to egg and cream-filled desserts, one might find it difficult to navigate the country on a vegan diet. However, a few mobile apps are now available to help conscious consumers to find vegan options in the palm of […]
A new vegan restaurant, by the name of brEAThe, will soon open its doors in Paris. Created by three vegan friends and caterers, brEAThe combines tradition with innovation. The venue, a former 19th century teahouse, stays true to its Parisian roots with its decor of classic mouldings, mirrors along the walls, and cement tiling. Yet the […]
Fromage, boeuf bourguignon, and escargot are going out of style in France as the nation’s consumers increasingly look to vegan options. “French consumers are finally waking up, decades after everybody else,” animal rights activism author Geoffroy Le Guilcher told Bloomberg. “A new generation of activists is making people realize that even in the land of meat, there […]
An investigation commissioned by Santé Publique France, a government-run agency supervised by the Minister of Health, revealed that consuming raw dairy milk can have a detrimental impact on the health of children. The investigation was launched as a follow-up to a serious E. coli O26 outbreak in France earlier this year. The investigation was carried […]
The City of Light has just got a whole lot brighter for vegan food. Carrefour’s new Paris store recently opened, dedicated to offering “all things good and beautiful.” Specifically, one-third of the store is dedicated to vegan, gluten-free, and organic food. According to European Supermarket Magazine, the store, which opened last week, is located at […]
Vegan Surf Camp on the southwest coast of France is set to open next month for the summer season. Located near the beach in Moliets-Page, and organized by French non-profit L’Amour de la Terre, the camp offers its guests many opportunities. Surfing lessons, cooking workshops, yoga classes, and the chance to trek in the nearby […]

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