Fur farming could soon be illegal in Ukraine, according to anti-fur organization the Fur Free Alliance. Thirty-six Ukrainian MPs introduced a bill to ban fur farming in early February, the organization reports. With support from Unique Planet – a Fur Free Alliance member – the bill was initiated by MP Andriy Pomazanov. If it passes, from January […]
In a milestone victory for animal rights activists around the world, Los Angeles is now the largest city in the U.S. to ban the sale of fur. The new ordinance, backed today by the City Council, as reported by the LA Times. The Tuesday vote was not unanimous, so the law will come back to […]
Major fashion and beauty label Chanel announced that it will ban the use of all exotic animal skins in its products. The French fashion house made the announcement on Monday, “on the eve of its pre-fall Metiers d’Art show … at the Met,” WWD reported. WWD added that Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion and president […]
The UK-based Lincoln Christmas Market is one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. Across the four-day event, up to 250,000 will pass through the venue’s gates. For many years, the City of Lincoln Council, which runs the market, has stayed firm on its anti-fur position. But this year, for Lincoln Christmas Market’s 37th event, […]
The city of Los Angeles is one step closer to adopting a citywide ban on fur. LA Animal Save, a non-profit organization which holds vigils for animals going to slaughter, called upon its Instagram followers in early August to attend a city hall meeting concerning a “possible fur ban in the city of Los Angeles.” In the post, […]
Popular international fashion brand, Forever 21, has ceased selling mohair in a stand against animal cruelty. Animal rights organization PETA recently posted on social media celebrating the move, naming it a “BREAKING VICTORY.” PETA added, “This is because YOU told them to drop it after watching PETA’s exposé.”   The move follows similar actions by several […]
Following the city of San Francisco’s fur ban, animal rights organization PETA is urging the Irish city of Cork, sister city to San Francisco, to follow its example. “Since so many people are turning their backs on fur, PETA is calling on Cork to take a step forward and ban its sale,” said PETA Director Elisa Allen […]