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Vegan actor Nathalie Emmanuel, who attained celebrity status through her role as Missandei in “Game of Thrones,” is searching for a vegan personal trainer. The star posted a “trainer wanted” ad on Twitter and Instagram, specifically reaching out to trainers with knowledge of vegan sports nutrition and diet. “London based PT’s knowledgeable in vegan sports nutrition…make yourselves […]
Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Game of Thrones Sweetheart Missandei, has been a proud vegan for four years. Back in August, the star was putting protein myths about veganism to bed, showing us just how easy it is to get plant-based protein into your diet with shakes. She stated ‘I’ll make something that’s packed with calories. I’ll […]
Game of Thrones actor, Peter Dinklage, has asked people to think twice before buying huskies after the number of abandoned ‘wolf like’ dogs is 800% higher than it was in 2011 before Game of Thrones started. Animal charity Blue Cross have reported that before 2011 around 10 huskies were abandoned a year and this has […]
Season 7 of Game of Thrones is well under way and as usual it’s presenting all sorts of challenges for the team behind the scenes. Michelle Clapton, costume designer for the award winning series, has a huge tasks on her hands. The sheer number of costumes to plan and make is overwhelmingly large and the […]

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