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California is striving for a cleaner and greener future, the San Francisco Examiner reports. With ambitions to cut their carbon footprint, Oakland Unified School District made an inspired change toward plant based menus at schools. In turn, the schools’ carbon footprint was cut by 14% in two years. Additionally, water loss saw a 6% improvement […]
Aside from the United States of America, every country in the world has recognised climate change and is currently working to fight against it under The Paris Agreement. In an attempt to pinpoint areas that could be improved, Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a report this week that recognises the impact of the […]
This week, the 23rd annual conference of parties (COP23) is taking place in Bonn. The aim of this conference is to discuss the current climate crisis and the ways in which the nations taking part can help to halt global warming. Among a whole host of other issues, one topic that is up for discussion […]
Last week, Prince Charles launched an initiative to take the world into the future of farming, but the ideas behind it are routed well in the past. Alongside a Malaysian organization, Charles aims to look for long-forgotten grains, fruits, and vegetables to help solve the world food crisis. Currently, the globe’s dependence on a small […]
In the past, the four trillion-dollar investment group Farm Animal Risk and Return (FAIRR) has been responsible for pressuring massive companies such as Dominoes, Tesco, and McDonald’s to consider the impact of livestock production on the environment. Now, they’re pressuring the UN to talk about animal agriculture. Previously the group has contacted Walmart, Unilever and […]
Jane Goodall’s story is the stuff of legends. The now 83-year-old primatologist-turned-icon known for her efforts to conserve primate habitats and help acclimate humans to the consciousness of animals is the subject of a highly anticipated new documentary, simply titled, JANE. The film, directed by Oscar®– and Emmy®-nominated director Brett Morgen, is not the first […]
Happy World Ozone Day! Actually, it might be more fitting to say, ‘Unhappy World Ozone Day’ because we are destroying it – and that’s hardly something to celebrate. But, there is something we can do! Here’s the situation: Our ozone – the protective layer maintaining our atmosphere and shielding us from the Sun – is in […]