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Good Dot Launches ‘Good Gurber’ KFC Zinger-Style Vegan Burger in India

Vegan Chicken Burger Launches in India

India's leading vegan meat producer Good Dot has launched the Good Gurber, what it's calling "the most handsome burger of India." The vegan sandwich is aimed at being a meatless version of KFC's popular chicken...
Vegan Indian Fried Chicken

Indian Vegan Fried Chicken Chain Good Dot Set for National Expansion

Indian vegan start-up company Good Dot, which produces a variety of plant-based meats, is set to expand across the nation. Good Dot came to life when "complete strangers on opposite sides of the planet" bonded...

Vegan Food Trucks Arrive Across India to Curb Nation’s Meat Intake

India's leading vegetarian meat producers "Good Dot" are set to launch a plant-based meat-centric food truck in Udaipur. Preceding the debut launch, Good Dot will also launch similar food trucks with a focus on...