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An organisation in Scotland is urging the government to modify their policies to deliver fairer treatment to citizens across the country. The group, named Go Vegan Scotland, found that people identifying as vegan have been discriminated against by hospitals, educational facilities, and local authorities. In a statement to LIVEKINDLY, the organisation said vegans are facing […]
A petition to end the export of live animals after Brexit is due to be discussed and debated in Parliament by MPs at the end of February. The petition states, ‘the transport of live animals exported from the UK causes immense suffering. This trade is governed by EU law, not the UK Government. The Government […]
An animal rights body in India has requested that funds be allocated to a variety of animal issues, signalling a major shift in focus toward animal welfare. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has asked the government for increased funds as the Union Budget 2018 draws near, the Business Standard reports. The body […]
There has been much talk recently over the concept of animal sentience and how the British government is going to proceed in terms of protecting against animal cruelty. Michael Gove has previously stated that animals will be treated as sentient beings in the eyes of the government despite concern and a draft bill has been […]
According to a ‘senior Whitehall source’, Theresa May will announce her decision to repeal a manifesto pledge to bring back fox hunting. The Times has reported that the prime minister will ‘make it clear in an intervention early in the new year that this is no longer a Conservative party policy’ to support fox hunting. […]
Last month saw the nation panic about Britain’s stance on animal cruelty when it was claimed that British MPs had voted against the idea of animal sentience. The nation’s MPS decided against the incorporation of part of an EU treaty that gave recognition to animals’ abilities to feel emotion and pain into the EU Withdrawal […]
An introduction of a meat tax is “inevitable”, the Guardian reports, due to rising awareness of its heavy impact on the environment and on human health. ‘Sin taxes’ have previously been placed on other “harmful products” in order to reduce consumption. Currently, the average household’s intake of meat exceeds recommended amounts which is leading to […]