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Some people know what they’re going to be for Halloween in July. They’ve planned, scoured the thrift shops, and even made a matching outfit for their significant other or child. Others, however, always leave the costume to the last minute. But this year is different. We’ve rounded up a list of both unique and easy […]
Halloween might be the spookiest holiday of the year, but vegans have no need to be scared, as Lush Cosmetics has debuted a cruelty-free vegan-friendly Halloween-themed beauty range. The new collection features a range of ghoulish items, including orange and lavender-scented eyeball bath bombs, and the innovative new glow-in-the-dark Ghost in the Dark soap. The […]
Could a zombie apocalypse ever happen? “Absolutely… it could happen tomorrow” Zombie Expert Matt Mogk tells HuffPost Entertainment. The Pentagon even have a 31-page zombie apocalypse plan (yes, really). Considering this, and the fact that Halloween is upon us, it’s best you start prepping. You know, just in case. How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse as a […]
With Halloween approaching like that shadow you can’t unsee, the big night of terror is so close – we can almost taste the buckets of vegan junk ready to gorge on. Just in time for the spooky festivities – Starbucks has rolled out a Zombie Frappuccino, which can be made vegan by simply ordering with dairy-free […]