Updated April 17, 2019. A new study posits that the majority of consumers are adopting flexitarian eating habits. What Is a Flexitarian Diet? The study, conducted by DuPont Nutrition & Health and HealthFocus International, surveyed the eating habits of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers. Researchers found that 52 percent of shoppers in America are eating […]
How can you avoid anemia on a vegan diet? Most often caused by an iron deficiency, a plant-based diet may increase one’s risk of anemia. But by including certain foods in your diet, you can help reduce your risk of this health condition. What Causes Anemia in Vegans? Are vegans particularly at risk of developing […]
Television host Steve Harvey has gone vegan and it’s thanks, in part, to Beyoncé. On an episode of his NBC talk show “Steve,” Harvey discussed how heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, but a plant-based diet has been shown to reduce risk. Harvey then welcomed […]
All New York City public schools– the largest public school system in the world — will offer Meatless Mondays in the 2019-2020 school year in a bid to improve student health. The program — announced by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Schools Chancellor Chard A. Carranza, and vegan Brooklyn Borough President and 2021 mayoral candidate […]
Savory and bursting with umami flavor, vegan cheese is undeniably delicious – but is it healthy? Seen as one of the ultimate luxuries, cheese is a delicacy that people love to indulge in. Sprinkled on salads or melted on macaroni, the versatile foodstuff is so revered some people will journey abroad just to cram their […]
Can cooking at home improve your mental health? There are actually a few names for it used in professional circles – therapeutic cooking, culinary therapy, and culinary mindfulness – all of which essentially mean the same thing: cooking at home can benefit your mental health. “Cooking at home, or other places are good for your […]