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Gone are the days of common misconceptions that vegans are weak and scrawny and that age is a barrier. As it turns out, nothing except your attitude stands in the way of achieving your goals. Also, stereotypes about weightlifters being steroid-honed males with an ego bigger than their biceps can be dropped too – as […]
OOOMEGA, a company priding itself on providing the “OOO without the MOO!”,  has created a plant-based health drink, the first of its kind, combining a smooth creamy taste with the nutritional benefits of flaxseeds, calcium and vitamins K, B12, and D2! This will be the first time such a drink hits the UK, and with its […]
What the Health did its part in dispelling the myth that meat is a necessary component of a healthy diet, and many studies have been conducted linking animal products with health problems. Now, we have even more information suggesting that red meat consumption is linked to high death rates – from a whopping nine diseases. A […]
Updated April 16, 2019. Feeling of anxiety are like unwanted house guests that move in for days too long. They are experienced by many, and are a prominent issue within society. While it can be easy as pie to eat our feelings with processed comfort food, in the long run these foods can make you feel […]
Yet another study has confirmed the benefits of a plant-based diet. The findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and conducted by Oxford University researchers, signify the first time that researchers have looked into the impact of a worldwide vegan diet on health and climate change. The research concluded that […]
As a long time vegetarian, I have always considered a plant-based diet to be healthy, delicious and affordable. I had no interest in taking the step to veganism until I started to educate myself a bit more about the dairy industry and the measures we take to consume it in the modern world. It appalled me […]
On 12th April, pro-vegan organization The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) filed a lawsuit against two school districts in Southern California (Los Angeles and Poway) in an attempt to remove processed meats from the schools’ menus. PCRM, with the support of a Californian teacher and two other individuals, claim that serving processed meats in […]