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How to Eat Healthy on a Vegan Diet, According to Nutritionist Melissa Meier

According to Australian dietician Melissa Meier, founder of the Syndey-based private practice Honest Nutrition it is entirely possible to maintain a healthy vegan diet - even when fast-food is your only option. "With the abundance of deep-fried,...
Stumptown Coffee’s Founder Opens Vegan Cafe

Stumptown Coffee’s Founder Opens Vegan Cafe

The founder of popular coffee bean brand Stumptown Coffee, Duane Sorenson, has closed his original Portland restaurant concept, Roman Candle Baking Co., in order to rebrand it as a plant-based cafe. Reported by Portland Eater, the change...

DJ Khaled Ups His Vegan Meals in a Bid to Lose Weight

For those keeping up with DJ Khaled's Instagram stories, you may be aware the star has been making some positive changes to his diet and lifestyle. Through the WeightWatchers program, Khaled has been incorporating...