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Vegan Saudi Prince Khaled Alwaleed Invests to Protect Jordan’s Service Animals, Introducing Electric Cars

Vegan Saudi Arabian Prince Khaled Alwaleed signed a memo earlier this week in support of improved conditions for service animals used to pull carriages in the historical city of Petra, Jordan. In addition to ensuring improved...

Montreal to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages By 2020

In June last year, Montreal, Canada, announced it would adopt a bylaw that bans horse-drawn carriages within the city limits, The Globe and Mail reported. The last day that carriages will be permitted is December 31, 2019. "Montreal...

Horse Drawn Carriages Banned as Mayor Declares Barcelona a “Friend to Animals”

Barcelona has banned horse-drawn carriages. The trade will be banned beginning in June 2018 with the only exception being days of traditional Spanish celebration like Los Tres Toms and the Feast of Sant Medir. After the...