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There’s nothing like a festival to celebrate food, and on March 1, the University of Manchester is giving hummus its day. The university’s Lebanese Society is hosting Manchester’s first annual, completely vegan, all you can eat hummus festival, and everyone is invited to double dip. The Lebanese Society created a Facebook event to promote the festival. […]
The fourth Humpit location — a vegan hummus bar — is coming to York, England’s Church Street next month, the York Press reports. Humpit, founded by Jonathan Phillips, won Richard Branson’s Virgin Start-up Foodpreneur Festival in 2015. It won for best street food — and Brits seem to concur as the outlet continues to expand. “I […]
Have you heard of Hummus? Regardless of if you are vegan or not, chances are that a platter of crackers, crudités and hummus in some form has been served to you at some stage during your lifetime. This popular dip comes from the Arabic word for ‘chickpeas’ as it is made from blended chickpeas, tahini […]