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After a bear hunting video went viral in 2016, causing widespread shock and outrage, Alberta officials are taking action and banning spear hunting. In the aforementioned video, a black bear was hunted down and killed with a spear — prompting even fellow hunters to talk about concepts like “unnecessary suffering” and “reckless hunting.” The leaders […]
It’s no secret that opting for a plant-based vegan diet can spare countless farmed animals. But what is less obvious, is the multitude of other animals being impacted by our dietary choices. Currently, animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction. Here are just a few ways that going vegan can save non-farmed animals. […]
Now here’s one to debunk that old protein myth: grizzly bears – those huge muscular 1,000 pound things – have stopped eating salmon in favour of elderberries. Alaskan Kodiak Island bears typically are known to feed on salmon during the early summer and then move on to elderberries later in August and September. But now, […]