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IKEA Food’s vegan hotdog has secured a 95 percent customer approval rating, according to the company. The international home furnishing store announced in February that it has been working on a vegan sausage for its in-house restaurants in order to promote sustainability and offer more options to its plant-based and health-conscious patrons. In contrast to the […]
Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, is promoting vegan food in preparation for this year’s Earth Day (April 22nd). A newsletter recently distributed by the company read: “Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with mouth-wateringly healthy recipes made from plant-based ingredients you can grow at home. These recipes will boost your body and mind while bringing you […]
Few can resist leaving IKEA with only the items on their shopping list. Even if a shopper successfully makes it through the checkout line without picking up an extra tea towel or knickknack, the food counter lures in many consumers before they head home with their purchases. IKEA calls this, ‘the obligatory bite.’ The IKEA […]

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