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Players in the meat industry have expressed concern about the growing plant-based movement, with many admitting the cause needs to be addressed. The Grocer, in collaboration with research specialists England Marketing, explored the vegan movement’s influence on the meat system and raised the question of how meat producers should respond to the public’s rising interest […]
The vegan Impossible Burger has landed on the menu of several restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin. According to The Cap Times, chefs and locals alike in the American Heartland capital are embracing the bleeding, meatless burger. “That nice juice freaks out some people like, ‘Oh my god, my burger’s bleeding,’” said Phil Sonnenburg, executive sous chef at Graze, a […]
California-based plant-based food company Impossible Foods is hiring for a second shift at its Oakland production facility. The business is making plans to double production due to an increased demand for vegan meat, Meat+Poultry reports. Impossible Foods is known for the vegan Impossible Burger, a plant-based burger designed to look, cook, and taste like meat. The presence […]
California-based startup, Before the Butcher, is set to unveil a new, affordable, plant-based meat burger named the “B4Burger.” The B4Burger is set to be revealed at the National Restaurant Association Show this weekend, at the Lakeside Center in Chicago. The new, plant-based, GMO-free, gluten-free B4Burger has a texture similar to that of real beef and, […]
California-based vegan meat brand Impossible Foods is now certified kosher. The creators of the vegan Impossible Burger received the certification from the Union of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, following a visit to the company’s 67,000-square-foot production facility in Oakland. “Getting kosher certification is an important milestone,” said Impossible Foods CEO […]
There’s no shortage of vegan burgers on the market today. The Beyond Burger is sold in supermarkets nationwide. It’s on the menu at TGI Fridays, Bareburger, and a host of other restaurants across the country. The meaty Impossible Burger also just landed on select White Castle menus. Shake Shack recently launched its own vegan patty. But […]

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