The Delta Sky Club at New York’s JFK International Airport now serves the vegan Impossible Burger made by California startup Impossible Foods. The popular meatless patty that looks, cooks, and tastes like beef was spotted by Vexquisit Studio co-founder Roxy Velez. “I had to ask 5 Times if they did not trick me!!” she wrote, […]
After months of hype, White Castle’s vegan-friendly Impossible Sliders are now available at all locations across the country, USA Today reports. Last April, White Castle launched the Impossible Burger from California-based food company Impossible Foods at a select 140 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. While the sliders themselves are not vegan as served on the menu, […]
The vegan Impossible Burger is a hit with Air New Zealand passengers just one month after being added to the menu, CNBC  reports. Speaking to the popularity of the “bleeding” meatless burger, Air New Zealand in-flight customer experience manager Niki Chave said: “Feedback on the Impossible Burger has been really positive, with the burger proving at least […]
Vegan meat company Impossible Foods has released its 2018 sustainability report. Titled “Mission: Earth,” the new report charts the California-based food tech brand’s progress, as well as the challenges it faces in attaining the goal of making animal agriculture obsolete by 2035. Impossible Foods partnered with researchers at the Technical University of Denmark in order to […]
The plant-based “bleeding” Impossible burger by Impossible Foods, famous for its similarity to beef, has made its debut in the autonomous Chinese region of Macau. The vegan meat is now available in one of Asia’s top resorts, Galaxy Macau. The world-class resort is home to some of the regions number one restaurants and entertainment venues. […]
Vegan meat company Impossible Foods has received an official GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) designation from the FDA, Forbes reports. The California-based company is best known for its Impossible Burger, a realistic plant-based meat patty that cooks and tastes like traditional beef. It’s thanks to “heme,” a non-GMO, iron-rich molecule, that Impossible meat “bleeds” like the real […]