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Israeli-based food company, Soglowek, has announced it is launching a new range of vegan meats, The Good Food Institute (GFI) reported. According to GFI, the plant-based line, Zoglo’s, will donate 20 percent of its profit to SuperMeat, an Israeli ‘clean meat’ start-up. Soglowek “is as well-known for its salami and sausage as it is for its […]
Israeli supermarket chain, Victory, has seen its vegan business grow by 49% over just the first quarter of this year compared to the same quarter last year, according to Shaney Moses for Israeli media publication Globes. The supermarket chain first launched vegan products in ten of its branches as a trial in Israel’s central district. […]
Yaakov Nahmias, an Israeli biomedical engineer and pioneering clean meat researcher, has been inducted as a fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), headquartered in Washington DC. Nahmias, a professor at the Hebrew University, is the fourth Israeli to be inducted into AIMBE – the ceremony took place on Monday. AIMBE, […]
Israel’s public security minister called for a complete halt of live animal shipments from Australia to Israel, following the airing of undercover footage on “60 Minutes” in Israel on Sunday night. The segment was released by animal rights non-profit Animals Australia, thanks to undercover footage captured by a “concerned crew member”. The footage uncovered the […]
Israeli Independence Day is observed on April 19th this year. To tie in with the theme of the day, local organisation Vegan Friendly has arranged for posters to be “covered” across the streets of Israel’s “vegan capital“, Tel Aviv. The organisation is campaigning for an Independence Day, colloquially known as ‘Barbeque Day,’  for everyone, including animals farmed for food. […]
On International Women’s Day, Israel’s longest-running print newspaper, Haaretz, explored the “powerful connection” between the feminist and animal rights movements. Haaretz spoke with legal advisor and activist Shira Hertzano who believes there is a clear “exploitation and objectification” of both animals in the food system and women, forming a link between the two. Hertzano, who is […]
An article by Intermountain Jewish News has explored Israel’s booming vegan industry, naming the country as “tops for vegan tourism”. Similarly, Roy Dado of Be Tel Aviv Tours named Israel as “the world’s No. 1 vegan destination”. The publication also reminded readers that the British Independent newspaper crowned an Israeli city, Tel Aviv, as the “vegan capital of the […]

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