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New Guide Offers Inmates Advice on How to Be Vegan in Prison

A new guide by The Vegan Society offers advice on being vegan in prison. The booklet outlines the rights of vegan inmates, how to meet dietary requirements, and what prison staff should know about...

Turkish Draft Law Could See Animal Abusers Jailed for up to Seven Years

Following increasing reports of animal abuse in Turkey, the country has made a huge move to potentially tighten up their laws in an effort to deter people from torturing or killing pets or stray...
Vegan Diet Used by U.S. Prisons for Rehabilitation

Vegan Diet Used by U.S. Prisons for Rehabilitation

Prisons have not always enjoyed a vegan friendly reputation in the US. Peter Young, an animal activist jailed for releasing minks from a fur farm, stated recently that his time in prison was incredibly...