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Updated August 31, 2019. “Joker” — the highly anticipated origin story about the DC Comics Batman villain — will star vegan actor and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix. Fans first got a taste of what is to come in an Instagram post shared by the film’s director Todd Phillips last year. The clip, titled “camera […]
(Updated November 28, 2019). Vegan actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix has been spreading the plant-based message for decades. Back in the 1990s, he appeared in an ad urging the public to save turkeys on Thanksgiving by choosing plant-based foods instead. An instrumental figure in the vegan space for some time, Phoenix has followed a plant-based […]
Longtime vegan and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix revealed his reason for going vegan during a recent interview with Collider to discuss his new thriller, “You Were Never Really Here.” The interview touched upon a variety of topics. Phoenix spoke to his interest in Marvel movies, childhood collections, weekend plans, the new movie, and finally, what inspired […]
The upcoming feature-length sequel to Australian animal rights pig-farming expose film, “Dominion“ has just released a new trailer and shared the celebrity narrators: none other than the vegan actor and actress, respectively Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. These two stars are reportedly in a relationship. Those who watched the fellow vegan documentary, “Earthlings“ will be […]
A huge, new advertisement featuring Academy Award nominee, Joaquin Phoenix, wearing a Brave Gentlemen vegan wool suit, has just gone public. The ad is run by animal rights organization, PETA, who says you can find it “at the intersection of Broad and Third streets in downtown Columbus, near the Ohio Statehouse and several upscale menswear stores”, right in […]

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