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For centuries, eggs have been a staple in the diets of people all around the world. But alongside raised awareness of the environmental, ethical, and health implications of egg production and consumption, the public is increasingly turning away from chicken eggs in favor of plant-based alternatives. As the public increasingly strives to be more conscious […]
Updated August 30, 2019 | Cruelty-free, vegan eggs by California-based food tech company JUST will launch this year in Europe, subject to regulatory approval. Made from mung beans, the JUST Egg is for consumers looking for a healthier, more sustainable way to eat eggs. It cooks and tastes the same as chicken eggs and has […]
The world’s first lab-grown chicken nugget has arrived in the UK – and it costs about $100 to make. English TV presenter Helen Skelton-Myler has become the first person in the UK to try slaughter-free chicken made by California-based food tech company, JUST, the makers of the vegan liquid egg. The Daily Mail reports that […]
San Francisco-based food tech company JUST, the maker of egg-free mayo, has sold more than 2 million vegan eggs in the three months since its launch last September. CEO and founder Josh Tetrick took to social media to announce the landmark. “Big milestone: Over 2 million eggs (without chickens) sold. Thanks to all ? #justegg,” he wrote. The sales data […]
You can now order a vegan “scramble” bowl with JUST’s plant-based egg and Beyond Meat sausage at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Made from mung bean protein, the JUST Egg is a pourable plant-based egg that can stand in for traditional chicken eggs in dishes such as scrambles, omelets, and quiches. The new option was announced by […]
California-based food tech company JUST, the maker of a liquid vegan egg made from mung beans, has announced a clean meat partnership with Japanese beef producer, Toriyama and meat and seafood supplier, the Awano Food Group. What Is Wagyu Beef? The historic collaboration will see to the production of cultured meat that looks, cooks, and tastes like Wagyu beef, a […]
JUST Egg was named one of Time magazine’s “10 Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018.” The vegan egg replacement is made from mung bean, and if “cooked right” can taste “pretty close to the real thing,” Time reported. Just Egg earned a spot on the magazine’s list because the vegan product helps address some pressing issues […]
California-based food tech company JUST has announced a partnership with leading foodservice provider Aramark to offer the JUST Egg, a high-protein vegan egg, in corporate, healthcare, and higher education dining facilities. ‘Launching JUST Egg is a major milestone and we’re thrilled to have Aramark as one of our first global foodservice providers to help us expand our reach and […]

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