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Concerned with the health of students, several New York City lawmakers want to ban all processed meats from public schools. City Council members introduced a new resolution called “Ban the Baloney” at the request of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who went vegan after struggling with chronic health problems. “We cannot continue feeding our children substances […]
In America alone, more than 23 million children face an increased risk of disease, including obesity, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Seventeen-year-old health activist and vegan Haile Thomas believes the problem stems from a lack of education for young people surrounding health and nutrition. In a recent video by NowThis, Haile discusses the non-profit […]
Updated October 4, 2019. Are you stuck for vegan lunch ideas and recipes? Every child needs a nutritious, tasty lunch to power them through the school day. Vegan foods — especially nuts and seeds — are packed with protein and will provide the energy and brainpower your child needs to tackle whatever the afternoon brings. […]