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Leading U.S. meat, pork, and chicken producer, Tyson Foods, has invested $2.2 million in the Israeli clean meat startup Future Meat Technologies (FMT) via its Tyson Ventures venture capital arm. “This is our first investment in an Israel-based company and we’re excited about this opportunity to broaden our exposure to innovative, new ways of producing […]
The Good Food Institute (GFI) and other vegan industry leaders are urging the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to commit to fair labeling practices. The ask comes in response to a recent petition issued by the US Cattleman’s Association (USCA) demanding that the USDA prohibit clean meat products from being labeled as meat. Last month, USCA, […]
The former director of lab-grown meat at vegan company JUST (formerly known as Hampton Creek) has started his own company. Reported by Gizmodo, Eitan Fischer, who acted as director of cellular agriculture at the San Francisco-based company, filed to register a business called Mission Barn Inc. on March 28. As of April 4, registration was completed. […]
Clean meat company, Wild Type recently netted $3.5 million in funding. The company is working to develop technology that allows cellular agriculture to grow any type of animal protein, not just muscle meat. For now, in a bid to create sustainable seafood, Wild Type is developing small pieces of lab-grown salmon that hold their shape […]
New Zealand’s economy, built on billions of dollars of agricultural exports, may soon experience a drastic change. Food futurist Dr. Rosie Bosworth believes the country’s current agricultural commodities will not be able to compete with lab-grown animal products when they launch into the mainstream marketplace. Modern technology now allows for stems cells to be extracted from an […]
Dao Foods International, Inc., a new food firm based in Canada, is working to market both plant-based protein and clean meat, also known as lab-grown meat, to the Chinese market. According to the official website, the firm is a collaborative effort between the Sino-U.S. group of environmental and societal impact-oriented ventures, Dao Ventures, Moonspire Societal […]
SuperMeat, the Israeli producer of lab-grown clean meat has raised $3 million in funding, the company announced today. The company used a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 to raise more than $200,000, but this investment will provide the company a significant boost to ramp up its production. The funding comes by way of two U.S.-based venture […]
‘Clean meat‘ has made news many times this year, making leaps and bounds in development and also receiving investment from some big names. Clean meat involves growing muscle tissue identical to animal tissues from stem cells. Although there is some debate about where lab-grown meat fits in with a vegan lifestyle, due to the fact that […]