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USDA dietary recommendations

Most of the World Would Starve If Countries Adopted USDA Dietary Recommendations

There isn't enough land on the planet for everyone in the world to adhere to the USDA dietary recommendations, a new study has found. The results urged the need to adapt the current guidelines,...
Animal Activist Kristen Bell Selected to Narrate Upcoming Imax Documentary 'Pandas'

WWF Report Suggests Vegan Diet Could Save Animals from Extinction

The World Wildlife Foundation's new summary report, titled 'Appetite for Destruction', focuses on the effect our appetite for animal protein has on the planet and brings to light many of the environmental issues vegans have...
dairy cows

Report in The Guardian Claims that “Mass Meat Production Can’t be Justified”

This morning, the Guardian featured an article bidding "oodbye - and good riddance - to livestock farming," which claimed that our current mass animal agriculture would be seen by future generations as the 'monstrosity' of the...