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Vegan Couple Kat Von D and Leafer Seyer Announce Pregnancy

Vegan Couple Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer Welcome Son

Vegan entrepreneur, artist, and founder of beauty empire Kat Von D Beauty, Kat Von D and her husband, Prayers singer Leafar Seyer (aka Rafael Reyes), have announced the birth of their son, Leafar. "Meet our...
kat von d and leafar seyers documentary

Vegan Couple Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer Making Documentary

Entrepreneur, tattoo artist, musician, and vegan Kat Von D has announced her latest venture, and it has nothing to do with liquid black eyeliner or matte lipstick. Von D and her new husband Leafar Seyer,...
Kat Von D and Leaf

Kat Von D And Leafar Seyer to Have ‘The Most Epic Vegan Wedding Ever’

Vegan celebrity, entrepreneur, and activist Kat Von D is set to have an extravagant and compassionate vegan wedding ceremony to her husband, Leafar Seyer. The vegan couple legally married in February, announced their pregnancy in May, and...